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Hello: A Talking Simulator is all about talking, looking and some maybe not-so-meaningful choices. We wanted to see what it'd be like to make a twine game in UE4, and this is the end result. This game was made as our final year university project, so it's just a small slice to showcase what we wanted to make! We have more ideas and we'd love to expand the game in the future! But for now we really hope you enjoy what you see and play!

The game uses QR codes, so if you have a QR scanner handy that'd be cool, but if you don't it really doesn't make a difference.

We wanna know what you think!
Leave a comment, or you can tweet either of us @benjodurbin (writing, level designer, and most of the engine stuff) or @leafykayo (artist, and pretty much everything you see). Thanks a bunch!

All of the sound was sourced from Freesound, under the CC0 license and edited in Audacity.


WASD - Movement
Shift - Sprint
Right Mouse - Look/Zoom
E - Interact
R - Reset
Esc - Quit

Install instructions

Unpack the downloaded .zip file. Then in 'WindowsNoEditor' you'll find 'HelloTalkingSim.exe'.

There may be an issue downloading through Chrome, unfortunately we have not found a fix for this and we're sorry it's happening.


hello-64-bit.zip (334 MB)
hello-32-bit.zip (307 MB)
hello-32-GameCity.zip (306 MB)


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Truly original idea. Very refreshing.

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Fascinating stuff, obviously very reminiscent of TSP and Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, And The Terribly Cursed Emerald.

I just wish I'd understand the "men are trash" magazine joke.

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Hey! Thanks for the interest, we've updated the build and there are a few changes to what was originally abvailble.